When animals like mice, rodents, bats and other small creatures are able to sneak into your home using damaged portions or open spaces in your attic and crawl space, chances are you are going to sustain damage. Even if you don’t sustain any damage we can guarantee the likelihood of disease, bacteria, and allergens around your home greatly increasing. With those facts in mind, it’s important to ensure that the most common rodent access points are secured and the rodents that have made it into your home are exterminated prior to harming any of your internal systems. At Attic Perfect, we provide several rodent proofing and rodent control services that not only help you rid your home of potential access points but also help prevent future invasions. Our trained professionals begin your rodent control services by doing a full inspection of your home, noting all access points, potential access points, and areas of damaged or contaminated insulation. From there, we utilize our specialized insulations, tools and rodent sprays to lock down those areas, essentially putting up rodent barriers.In order to better treat, or even treat at all for that matter, you must be on the lookout for telltale signals of a rodent infestation of your home.

Rodents in attic.

These include:

  • Rodent droppings
  • Noises at night
  • Chewed wires
  • Chewed vents
  • Obstructed ventilation systems
  • Temperature fluctuations (likely caused by ventilation or insulation damage)
  • Contaminated insulation