Your Attic & Crawl Space Cleaned up in the Bay Area & San Diego

One Day Attic & Crawlspace Cleaning Service for Most Homes. We Sanitize, Rodent Proof, Air-Seal, & Install brand New Insulation. We haul away the contaminated insulation, roofing debris, and dust.

Attic clean up
We haul away rodent droppings, contaminated insulation, and junk from your attic and crawlspace.
Outside Vacuum helps keep the air clean inside your house

Clean up your attic and restore it with new insulation in as little as one day.

Attic clean up often starts with the removal of rodent droppings, removing rodent nests, and removing debris from rodents eating the food such as garbage around your home. Attic Perfect’s team rodent proofs the openings where mice, rats, possums, raccoons, skunks, and rats can enter your attic and crawlspace. Rodents chew on everything and make a mess. They chew on electrical and internet wires and are responsible for over 20% of the house fires. They breed more rodents. We rodent proof and sanitize your attic and crawl space. Why do both? Roofs rats can climb straight up a wall like a squirrel climbs a tree. Roof rats enter your attic, build nests in the cotton, newspaper, or cellulose insulation. Rats bring food, breed, give birth, and raise more roof rats. Roof rats can have babies at 12 weeks. Within a year it’s estimated that they produce over 11,000 rat relatives. Crawl Space Cleaning For almost any type of maintenance to your air ducts, attic fan, or other internal systems that need to be done. We understand how important it is to have a clean attic and crawlspace. Plus keep rodents out. That means knowing what you have in your attic and how to clean it up. When you hire Attic Perfect to perform your attic and crawlspace clean up, in the San Francisco Bay area and San Diego, we want to help you discover what’s in your attic, and then we take care of it in a way that leaves your space looking and feeling as fresh and clean as the day your home was built.

Cleaning urine, feces and droppings left from previous rodent infestations

Odor elimination

Allergen alleviation

Dead animal/carcass removal

Mold remediation

Contaminated insulation removal

Fine cleaning with hospital-grade disinfectant

Your attic and crawlspace cleaned up and restore with new insulation in as little as one day.