At Attic Perfect, we supply two types of barrier options for your attic and crawl space.


Normally people think of attics as very cool and somewhat damp places, and on most days that is true. However, when the sun is shining and the temperature outside your home begins to rise, so does the temperature in your attic. Because most attics have few or no windows, the heat from the outside simply radiates into your attic and through the roofing materials. Your attic then takes the gained heat energy and transfers it onto the cooler attic surfaces like your air ducts, making your cooling system work much harder, in turn skyrocketing your energy bills.

Attic radiant barriers are made up of extremely reflective materials that cast away and repel heat, rather than absorb it. For attics, this helps to reduce the ambient temperature, in turn reducing the cooling costs, and increasing comfort in your home. Radiant barriers are especially important for warm, sunny climates, as without them the gained heat in your attic is guaranteed to spread to your ducts and the rest of your home.


It turns out that the crawl space underneath your home is just as important as your attic! When your crawl space is exposed to the earth floor (as most are) moisture tends to find its way down there, eventually leading to structural damage, mold, fungus, allergens, insect infestations, rodent issues and rot.What our crawl space vapor barrier does is keep all that moisture locked out! We install a barrier over the entirety of your crawl space (from floor to structure), which eliminates exposure to the earth floor’s moisture and humidity. These barriers are made up of materials that help prevent not just exposure to moisture, but also the growth of mold, fungus and rot. When all combined, this protection results in a clean, dry and (most importantly) healthy crawl space, which will not only save you from structural repairs, but will also help with odors and the air quality in your home.