At Attic Perfect, our mission is to keep your home safe and comfortable, and most importantly, to keep your energy costs low! To best complete this mission, we offer thermal imaging home inspections that allow us to get the clearest picture of where energy is being wasted or lost in your home.

Home inspection using Flir thermal imaging camera.

To complete this inspection, we use infrared thermal imaging lasers to create colored pictures (PDFs) that note when heat is escaping from your home. Once we find all the areas of your home that are releasing the most heat, we investigate further and form a plan as to how to reduce your home’s energy consumption and loss.

To us, every cent of your energy bill is crucial, and we truly believe you should never overpay for something that your home could manage itself. So if you are looking for a solution to your home’s energy loss, instead of just some patches for problems you think might be causing your home’s energy loss, contact us today. Attic Perfect is here for you.