Your Homes Air Quality is dependent on your attic & crawl space.

Everybody understands the idea of putting an extra blanket on your bed so you’ll be more comfortable. You want your blanket to be clean. You don’t want a dirty blanket. You want the same cleanliness from the insulation in your attic and crawlspace. You don’t want to breathe in animal fur, droppings, or urine smell while you’re sleeping.

The quality of the air you and your family breathe inside your home is dependent on what is above you in your attic, below you in your crawlspace, and next to you in your walls. New thicker insulation made from recycled glass and minerals can replace your old insulation. Thicker insulation will help your furnace and air conditioning work less. Air sealing keeps air from entering your home through cracks and seams. In the winter air sealing works with your insulation to keep more warmth in your home. In the summer air sealing will help keep hot attic air from entering your home. All year air sealing separates your home from your attic.

People don’t think about their insulation often because they don’t visit those parts of their house. That’s why roof rats love your attic and crawl. They can camp out in dryness and warmth. They give birth in your attic.

If a rodent dies in your walls, crawlspace, or attic it will smell bad. The smell may get stronger when you turn on your home’s furnace or air conditioning.

Rodents love your home’s ducts. Rodents will try and chew into the ducts because its warm.